🧰Using the Package

Getting started with the echo3D NPM package.

Our NPM package allows you to add 3D models to your website.

<Echo/> Component

This package contains only one component, a 3D model viewer built using google model-viewer.

This component can be configured with an apiKey and entryID to stream and display models from the echo3D platform as well as a direct src URL to display local or cloud files. Common <model-viewer/> configuration parameters are also exposed.

Required Parameters

You must provide src or both apiKey and entryID.

src: Element will make no query and pass this URL directly to

apiKey: Your echo3D project API key, e.g. your-key-1234.

entryID: The entry ID of the hologram you would like to display

Optional Parameters

className: The CSS classes that will be applied to the element. If no classes are provided, the component will default to a 600px height viewer.

securityKey: provide your security key if it is enabled for your project

disableZoom: When defined, disables zoom (camera controls must be enabled)

cameraOrbit: The starting focal point of the viewer

cameraControls: When defined, camera controls for the viewer are disabled

autoRotate: When defined, automatic rotation of the model is disabled

tapToCenter: When defined, tap-to-recenter behavior is enabled

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