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Learn how to integrate echo3D into a Shopify store.
You can integrate 3D content from echo3D to your store on Shopify.
Go to your store admin page on Shopify.
Adjust the theme you are using by going to the on the left-side menu, clicking Online Store and then clicking Themes.
Then click the Actions button of your current theme and choose Edit code.
Choose the page to which you want to add an iframe. For example, to add echo3D to the product page edit product-template.liquid.
Find the code area of the page where you wish to add echo3D. For example, under the product image.
Add the following code:
{% assign metafiled = product.metafields.echo3D %}
{% assign key = 'shortURL' %}
<iframe src="{{ metafiled.shortURL }}""></iframe>
Now add the Advanced Custom Fields app to your store.
Any other app that allows you to add custom fields would work too.
Open the Advanced Custom Fields app and add the following data to your products:
Where is the short link to your 3D content which you can obtain through the Share Button in the Content Card.
Use a different link for each of your products.
Now back at your store's product page the result should look something like:
You did it! 🎉