How to Edit Content

Learn how to edit content in the Content page.

1. Edit an Asset

Clicking the
icon will allow you to individually edit the asset.
You can rename the asset, and, similar to the process of adding an asset, update the asset by selecting a file from local storage or Google Drive, choosing a file from the displayed sample assets, or searching for a new asset.
When adding multiple assets from local storage or Google Drive, we recommend zipping them first and uploading the ZIP file. When selecting models, be sure to include all files associated with that model (i.e., include material and texture files in your selection).
The updated content will be displayed on the Content page.

2. Edit a Target

Open the content window and click the Target option on the left menu.
Click Edit Target.
Select one of the following:
Specific location
On an Image
This sets a surface target. Your hologram will show up on any detectable surface.
This sets a location target. You can either allow the browser to know your location by clicking on the pin symbol or you can type a location into the input field. The hologram will show up at that given location.
This sets an image target. Select an image file from local storage and the hologram will show up whenever the given image is seen and detected by your camera.
Click "Next" and "Done" on the Submit dialog to upload the new target.
The updated content will now be displayed on the Content page.