Edit Code

Learn how to edit code in your Flutter project.
Now that you are able to install the echo3D plugin in your Flutter, it's time to build a project.

Cloning the Example Project

Clone the Flutter + echo3D example project.
Main example code also available here.

Initializing the Project

Import the project dependencies by running the following in the terminal:
flutter pub get

Adding Content

1. Add the 3D content in the models folder (nyancat.gif and stones.jpg) through the console.
2. Add a 3D model and choose the suggested sample 3D model of the Arctic Fox.

Editing Code

Open the main.dart file from the lib folder, and make the following changes:
  • Replace <Your-API-Key> with your echo3D API key
  • Replace <Stones-Entry-ID> with the stones image entry ID on echo3D.
  • Replace <Gif-Entry-ID> with the GIF model entry ID on echo3D.
  • Replace <Fox-Entry-ID> with the fox model entry ID on echo3D.
You can find the entry IDs on the bottom of the back side of the content cards or Data page.
Now your project is ready to go! 🎉