Global Data and Metadata

Learn more about global data and metadata.


A Data Entry is a pair of one key and one value. e.g., key scale and value 2.
The Global Database contains data entries that are applied at a project-level and/or to all content entries in the project. e.g. a data entry with key scale and value 2 will double the scale of all content entries.
Metadata is a set of data entries associated with a single content entry.

Metadata Cards

Each card on this page displays the Metadata for each individual content entry in the project. Data entries on these cards only affect the corresponding content entry. The content entry ID associated with the hologram is displayed at the bottom of the card.
Metadata can also be accessed through the Content page by clicking the
arrow at the top right corner of any content card.
Built-in metadata keywords such as scale can be found here and here.