Collection Taxonomy and Asset Specific Metadata

Learn more about collection taxonomy and asset specific metadata.

Collection Taxonomy vs. Asset Specific Metadata

echo3D allows you to add data to an overall collection as part of the collection taxonomy, as well as to individual assets within a collection. For both collections and individual assets, echo3D supports adding metadata entries, tags, linked files, and linked free text.


A Metadata Entry is a pair of one key and one value. e.g., key scale and value 2.

The Collection Taxonomy contains data entries that are applied at a collection-level and/or to all content assets in the project. e.g. a data entry with key scale and value 2 will double the scale of all content assets.

The Asset Specific Metadata is a set of data entries associated with a single asset in your collection. e.g. a collection of data associated with just the 3D crystal asset.


echo3D supports adding tags to collections and specific assets. When uploading a new asset, echo3D will first use AI to auto-generate tags and add them to your asset. You can then manually add more tags to your asset or your collection.

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