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Script Settings

Adjust the behavior of your assets. Please review the Readme included with the SDK for additional details.

Basic Settings

Streaming a Subset of Assets

These are a few optional configurations you can leverage in our Unity SDK to stream only some of the assets in your project or query for specific assets.
  • Under Entries you can note the specific entry IDs (separated by commas) of the Content Entries you would like to appear in Unity. Leaving this parameter empty will query for all entries in the project.
  • Under Tags you can note the specific tag values (separated by commas) of Content Entries that include these specific values as tags in their metadata.

Ignore Model Transforms

By default, transform data baked into the model (position, rotation, scale) is applied on load. Enable this setting to ignore baked model transform data, setting all instantiated assets to default transform values ( for a local position, Quaternion.identity for rotation and Vector3.One for scale). Use the transform values found on the root gameobject (the transform of the gameobject that has theEcho3DHologram.cs script component attached) to set your preferred position, rotation, and scale within Unity.

Disable Remote Transformations

By default, a RemoteTransformations.cs script is attached to all instantiated assets. This script is used to apply changes made to model metadata via the echo3D console while your Unity application is running. When this setting is enabled, holograms will not respond to live metadata changes at runtime.

Advanced Settings

Query Only

This setting allows you to use Echo3DHologram.cs to make queries against the echo3D API without loading assets. The script will query based on its configuration (apiKey, Entries, etc) and store response data within its public queryData variable but will not instantiate content.

Query URL

For further customization, you can specify your own query URL which will execute and store response data in queryData. Other script configurations (apiKey, Entries , etc ) will be ignored when this value is defined and Query Only is enabled.

[Experimental] Editor Preview

The SDK allows loading assets within the editor (prior to pressing "Play") to assist with scene composition. Please note this feature is still under development and may experience errors when used with complex scenes and assets.
  1. 1.
    To flag a hologram that should load in the Editor, check the Editor Preview setting in the script instance's inspector:
2. Using the top menu bar, select Load Editor Holograms. All holograms within your scene that have the Editor Preview flag enabled will fetch and load their content.
3. To clear holograms, select Clear Editor Holograms. All loaded content will be cleared from your scene hierarchy. All instantiated holograms are cleared and reloaded when the scene is run (Pressing "Play").

Video Tutorial

Here's a tutorial that can guide you through the steps shown above: