🧰Using the SDK

A description of the files and methods of our Swift SDK.


Defines a class β€œEcho3D” that uses various methods in conjunction to SceneKit that communicate with the echo3D servers.

The following methods are Universal for Usage in iOS development:

  • queryDatabase()

  • parseDatabse()

  • parseEntry()

  • getEntries()

The following methods load models from your echo3D project into a scene:

  • loadSceneAtIndex()

  • loadSceneFromFilename()

  • loadSceneFromEntryID()

  • loadNodeFromIndex()

  • loadAllNode()

Customize implementation in a non-AR capacity by using the first list of functions to access and work with assets stored on echo3D.


each asset stored on echo3D servers is an β€œentry”. This file constructs a class with attributes and files relevant to accessing and working with each entry / file.


This file supports constructing an AR scene using SceneKit that is populated by files / models / entries stored on echo3D.

If you are not intending to construct an AR application, this file can be ignored / removed from your project.


Applies changes made to an asset's metadata via the echo3D console to assets in your scene at runtime.

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