Learn how to integrate echo3D into a Wix website.

You can integrate 3D content from echo3D to your Wix website.

Go to your site dashboard on Wix and under Site Actions click on Edit Site.

On your website go to the page to which you want to add 3D content managed in echo3D.

Click the + button in the left sidebar to add an object, choose Embed, and then under Custom Embeds click Embed a Widget .

A new website element will appear. Click it and then click on the Enter Code button.

The HTML Settings window will open.

Choose the Code option.

Add the following code:

<iframe src="https://go.echo3D.co/ABCD"

Where https://go.echo3D.co/ABCD is the short link to your 3D content which you can obtain through the Share Button in the Content Card.

Click Apply.

Adjust the widget size according to your needs in your website.

You can also adjust the iframe settings, such as size and scrolling option, by editing the code so it will fit better in your widget window.

You did it! πŸŽ‰

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