Learn how to integrate our system with NVIDIA Omniverse
You can easily add your echo3D assets and public echo3D to your NVIDIA Omniverse project by following these steps:

Downloading the echo3D Omniverse Extension

The echo3D Extension for NVIDIA Omniverse can be found here.
Clicking the
button in the top header bar allows you to directly download the echo3D Extension for Omniverse.

Connecting the Extension

  1. 1.
    Open the Omniverse environment you are working in (For example Omniverse Create or Code).
  1. 2.
    Unpack the Zip file of the extension to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Kit\shared\exts\
  1. 3.
    Open Extensions from the Window tab and search for echo3D and enable it. In the Launcher, search for ‘echo3D’ in the Extension tab and look for the result under ‘Third Party’. Enable the toggle.

Connecting an echo3D Project

Copy your API Key and Security Key (if enabled) into the fields in the Omniverse extension and click Load Key.

Loading Assets

Simply click any of your project assets to add them to the Omniverse Viewer
Additionally, you can search for publicly available assets by entering a keyword into the search bar. Note that clicking on them and importing them into the Omniverse Viewer will also automatically upload the asset to your echo3D project.

Video Tutorial