Customizer Page

Learn how to use the WebAR Customizer page.
On this page, you can personalize all the webAR experiences you create through the platform by adding buttons, actions, audio, and a custom background.
The Customize page is only available in the Premium and Custom plans.
This allows you to generate webAR experiences that are more engaging, interactive, and include your branding:

Setting a Background Image

Use the Background card to set a background image for the webAR experience.
The image will only appear on the preview screen prior to clicking the See in AR button.
Click the upload button
and choose an image file (.png or .jpg) or an HDR file (.hdr).
Click the delete button
to reset the background to its default state.

Adding Audio

Use the Audio card to add an audio file to serve as background music for the webAR experience.
Audio will only start playing after a user interaction of any type (screen touch gesture, click, etc.).
Click the upload button
and choose an audio file (.mp3 or .wav).
You can toggle the audio on and off by clicking the Audio card. This will not delete the audio file from storage.
Click the delete button ​
to remove the audio file from storage resulting in an experience with no audio.

Including Camera Capture Functionality

Use the Camera card to include a camera capture button in the webAR experience.
It will allow viewers to grab a snapshot of the AR scene.
You can toggle the camera capture on and off by clicking the Camera card.
Use the Button and Logo card to introduce clickable buttons, actions, and your own logo to the webAR experience.
You can set up to nine (9) UI elements on screen at once (on the top right corner, top center, top left corner, middle right, center, middle left, bottom right corner, bottom center, and/or bottom left corner).
Options include:
Button Type
Custom Fields
Action when Clicked
No button
Open AR View
Button text
Opens the camera and shows the model in AR.
Only one button of this type can be added at a time
Redirect to URL
Button text, URL
Redirects to a custom URL
Buy now button that redirects a user to buy the product on your website
Prompt a Message
Button text, message
Shows a custom message
Learn more button that shows more information about a product
Show a Logo
Image source, URL
Redirects to a custom URL
Your company logo that redirects a user to your website
Show Social Network
Facebook URL, Instagram URL, Twitter URL, LinkedIn URL
Redirects to a social media page
You company's social media pages

Viewing Click Analytics and Click-through-Rates

When buttons are configured, the number of button clicks and the overall click-through-rate (CTR) will display alongside each button.

Connecting a Custom Domain

Use the Domain card to connect your own domain to the WebAR experience.
This means that viewers will be able to access the experience from your company website.
​Contact us to discuss our custom offering.