🀳Adding AR Capabilities

Learn how to add AR capabilities to your cloud-connected iOS project.

Now that you have successfully integrated the echo3D SDK into Xcode, it's time to add AR capabilities to your project.

SceneKit is an AR rendering engine that allows you to develop native iOS and visioOS apps in Xcode.

Adding 3D content

Add a model asset or video asset through the console. You can choose any type of target. Here's how:

Add Content

Setting Up an Application

Replace the ViewController.swift file in the project with the one provided as an example in the SDK.

This view controller example will fetch and show all the 3D models added to the console.

You can load models with the loadAllNodes method which will load all models or load a single scene by entry ID using the loadSceneFromEntryID method.

Launching the iOS App

Run your app on a compatible iOS device.

Make sure you have set up signing for your app! This can be found by selecting your project name under files and selecting Signing & Capabilities.

You did it! πŸŽ‰

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