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Learn how to add models to your web application built with React, Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, and more.
Our NPM package contains helpful components designed to work with the echo3D platform API.

Installing the package

  • Install via npm i echo3d:
  • Importing <model-viewer/>:
If your framework does not utilize server-side rendering:
Run npm i @google/model-viewer and add import '@google/model-viewer' to any files that utilize <Echo/>
If your framework does utilize server-side rendering:
Issues arise when components or pages importing model-viewer are rendered server-side. To most reliably resolve this issue for SSR apps, provide model-viewer via a script element in your _document file eg: <script type="module" src=""></script>
For TypeScript apps:
If you do not have a globals.d.ts file, create one within your app src folder, add the line declare module 'echo3d'; and save the file to resolve compiler typing errors.