What to do when things don't work as expected with building your FaceAR app.

Know Issues

Our team is actively investigating the following issues:

  • A 3D asset sometimes appears as a black box on iOS.

I can't see the 3D asset!

Are you pointing to the right target?

Make sure to point your phone to a face.

Is your asset too small/big?

It might be the case that your 3D asset is too small or too big to appear in the camera view.

Scale the model by adding a metadata key named scale to the 3D models. See how to add metadata in the Data Page section of the documentation.

Now rescan the QR code to rebuild and refresh your FaceAR app.

I am getting some other error.

Let's talk! Ask on Slack or send an email to support@echo3D.com and please attach a screenshot of the error you are experiencing.

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