🧰Using the Add-on

Learn how to use our Blender add-on

Load your Project

Enter the following fields:

  • API Key

  • Secret Key. If enabled in your project.

  • Email

  • Working Directory. Make sure to choose a directory that has read-and-write access.

When the required fields are populated, click "Load Project".

Importing Assets

After loading the project in the previous step, you will be able to import assets from echo3D.

You can select the asset by clicking the checkboxes, entering the entry ID, or a combination of both.

When the selection or entry is made, click "Import".

Exporting Assets

Exporting assets to echo3D is simple and can be accomplished in two ways: export the scene or export selected objects.

First, enter the file name for the exported asset.

Next, click "Export Scene" to export all the assets or click "Export Selected" to export only the selected items.

Note: if you choose "Export Selected", make sure that all the intended elements are selected by looking at the Outliner. If correct elements are not selected when exporting, an empty object will be uploaded.

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