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Learn how to integrate our system with Swift for iOS and visionOS.
You can easily use echo3D as a backend for your Swift for iOS project by following these steps:

Downloading the Swift SDK

Clicking the
button in the top header bar allows you to directly download the echo3D SDK for Swift.

Opening an iOS Project

Open up Xcode and select create new Xcode project.
For AR: Select iOS -> Augmented Reality App and click next.
For Non-AR: Select iOS -> App and click next.
Name your project, select an organization, and select SceneKit under Content Technology.

Integrating the Swift SDK

Click on your project folder within your project and add Files to "Your-Project-Name".
Locate the echo3DSwiftSDK file on your computer and click Add.
Move the Echo3DSwiftSDK .swift files out of the folder and insert into your project.
In the Echo3D.swift file, change the api_key variable to your API key.
That's it! 🎉
If you already have an app built using a single view application and don’t want to reconfigure it as an AR Project, you can create an ASCN view in the interface builder and connect it to the view controller provided in the Swift SDK.