Version Control

Learn how to create and revert to older versions of your asset.

Version control is available on the Pro and Custom plans.

Accessing Version History

Log into the console. From the content view, click an asset tile to open the asset inspection dialog and select the Versions view.

When Are Versions Created?

By default, the first version of your asset is the original upload file. A new version is created whenever the asset file or target is updated.

To update to a new file version, upload your new file with the Edit Asset dialog from the asset tile:

To update your asset target, select the Target tab from the inspect asset dialog and click Edit Target:

Versions of your asset will appear within the Versions view:

To revert to another version at any time, click the icon under the Actions column in the Versions view. The icon does not appear for the currently active version of the asset.

Previous versions of your asset do not count against your storage totals.

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