Google Poly

Learn how to use cached 3D models from Google Poly.
Google Poly was shut down on June 30, 2021, making its 3D assets search and storage service and associated APIs no longer accessible. But hope is not lost - we are here to the rescue!
Users of our Pro and Custom plans can use our web console or advanced API to find cached 3D models from Google Poly and add them to their collections. Below are two ways our users can get cached 3D models originating from Google Poly.

1. Using the web console

Head over to our web console. Use the search bar on the Cotent page or click the "Add to Cloud" button at the top of the sidebar to add a new asset. Use the search bar to find free 3D models that you can instantly add to your project.
Search bar
Add to Cloud dialog

2. Using our Advanced Search API

Use our API to query, retrieve, and filter cached 3D models from Google Poly.
You can filter for a specific result based on ID, minimal and/or maximal triangle count, and ask to include a maximal amount of results.
We also support real-time conversation and compression to retrieve optimized versions of the results.
Read the full documentation here.
Contact us now to learn how you can keep using Google Poly models.