What to do when things don't work as expected.

The camera won't open!

I have an iOS device

We recommend using the Safari browser on iOS.

Make sure your device is updated with iOS version 13.0.0 or above.

Allow access to the website when prompted for camera permission. If you are not prompted for camera permission, make sure you enable your browser to have permission to access the camera.

  • Go to Settings on your device

  • Scroll down and open Safari tab

  • Ensure Camera & Microphone are set to Allow

I have an Android device

Make sure you are using the latest Chrome browser version. We advise setting Chrome as your default browser through your phone's settings as it tends to work better than the other preinstalled browsers.

Also, make sure you enable your browser to have permission to access the camera and allow access to the website when prompted for camera permission.

The model is too big or very small!

If you chose option 1 or option 3, scale the model by pinching the screen with two fingers.

If you chose option 2, you can change the size of the model by adding a metadata key named scale to the 3D models. See how in the Data Page section of the documentation.

I am getting errors relating to ARKit/ARCore!

Some apps or browsers require that your device is compatible with ARKit or ARCore.

Make sure to have Google Play Services for AR installed on your Android device.

I am getting errors around not having enough key points!

Make sure to upload high-contrast images with multiple details in the shot.

When uploading an image file to be used as an image target, our system checks for the contrast and detail complexity of the uploaded image. This validates that AR-enabled cameras will be able to detect the image.

Here is an example of a good image:

My OBJ files fail to upload!

Are you uploading multiple files (.obj, .mtl, and .png) together?

Make sure that the .obj and .mtl file has the same name and that this.mtl filename is referenced inside the .obj.

Are you uploading a .zip file with the .obj, .mtl, and .png inside?

Make sure that the .mtl filename is referenced inside the .obj.

When adding multiple assets from local storage, we recommend zipping them first and uploading the ZIP file.

I created an FBX model using Blender and it loads with no textures

If you created a 3D model on Blender, uploaded it to our platform, and its textures are not showing, make sure that the FBX file has its textures baked in when exporting from Blender.

To export an FBX with textures from Blender, go to the shading tab and connect the image to the base color.

Then when you export your FBX make sure the Path Mode is set to Copy and the Embed Textures button is ticked.

I need to change a 3D model’s material

There are two cases where changing the material on your 3D model in Unity makes sense.

  1. You don’t want to use Blender or some other 3D modeling software

  2. Your model’s material looks different in Unity than what you see in Blender/your 3D modeling software (or it doesn’t show up at all and your object is white).

Here’s a quick way to get the right material on your 3D object, even if you didn’t create the asset yourself:

I created an FBX model using Mixamo and the animation isn't playing in WebAR on iOS!

Unfortunately, conversions from FBX to USDZ for 3D models created with Mixamo do not support animations on iOS 15.6 or older versions.

This issue is resolved on iOS 16 and above.

I need some open-source examples.

Check out our tutorials page, open-source code examples on GitHub, and posts on Medium.

I am getting some other error.

Let's talk! Message us on Slack or send an email to support@echo3D.com and please attach a screenshot of the error you are experiencing.

My account is suspended.

Navigate to the Subscription page to view the reason for account suspension.

Common Issues

  • Overdue payment: If your card is expired or there is some other issue, you can change your payment method by navigating to your Profile page and clicking the Payment Method button. Please see #how-to-add-or-update-a-payment-method for details. Your account should be restored within 24 hours. You can also send an email to support@echo3D.com for more information.

  • Other: Please email us at support@echo3D.com.

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