Credit Usage Tab

Learn how to use the credit usage tab.

The Credit Usage tab allows you to view the credit usage for each of your individual collections, as well as your total credit usage across all collections. It also gives you the opportunity to see how you used your credits, as well as set credit limits for individual sub-collections.

Your Limit

This section of the credit usage tab goes over how many credits you have left across all of your collections. 1 credit can be used for 10 API calls, 100MB of storage, OR 25MB of bandwidth usage.

Your Usage

This section of the credit usage tab explains how you used your credits across all collections, or an individual collection.

Click the dropdown menu to select individual collections and view their credit usage.

The total credits used for All Collections, or the individual collection you selected, is shown in the bottom right of the tab. Credits are used in one of these three methods, which are broken down in the "equation" shown on the tab:

  1. API calls, where 10 API calls = 1 credit

  2. Storage used, where 100MB of storage = 1 credit

  3. Bandwidth, where 25MB of bandwidth = 1 credit

Credit Limits

You can set limits on sub-collections to manage their credit usage as part of the plan of your main collection. So if you have selected a sub collection, you should see a button under the total credit used. Click that button to open the credit limit input and set a credit limit:

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