Learn how to integrate our system with Unity.
We are a Unity Verified Solution
You can easily use echo3D as a backend for your Unity project by following these steps:

Downloading the Unity SDK

Clicking the
button in the top header bar allows you to directly download the echo3D Unity SDK.

Opening a Unity Project

Create a new or open an existing project in Unity.
Our latest SDK supports Unity 2020.3 LTS and newer. Make sure your Unity version is up to date and has the required modules (e.g. Android Build Support, iOS Build Support, etc.) to build an app on your platform of choice.
Using an Older Version of Unity? Our legacy SDK is available for download here.
New to Unity? Check out the official Working with Unity manual or the full Unity documentation to get a better understanding of how to get started with Unity.

Integrating the Unity SDK

Unzip the downloaded SDK folder and copy the folder into your project Packages folder.
For example, YourProject/Packages/co.echo3d.unity
Open your project or switch to the Unity Editor if it is already open.
Unity will automatically detect and import the new package.
That's it! 🎉

Video Tutorials

Here are tutorials that can guide you through the steps shown above.

Installation and features review

Integrating the SDK into an existing project