Learn how to use SCANN3D with echo3D.


You can download SCANN3D from Google Play.


To export or share 3D object with SCANN3D in any format (.obj, .pcd, .ply, or .stl) monthly subscription is required, but a 3-day free trial is available.

  1. Open app and follow instructions to scan your object. Note that at least 20 images around the object will be required for capture.

  2. The app will offer to show target points during the scan - red, yellow, and green dots - take picture when all/most of the dots are green for a good scan. Move as continuously as possible - camera focus throw off scans drastically.

  3. Once pictures are taken click to render scan, then open to 3D model view.

  4. Export the model to .obj or .stl.

  5. Follow echo3D’s tutorial to upload the 3D model to the cloud:

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