Scene Editor Page

Learn how to use the advanced scene editor page.

On this page, you can structure 3D scenes, transform 3D models, merge 3D models together, import scenes to the console, and more.

The Scene Editor page is only available in the Custom plan.

Importing a 3D Model

You can import a file from local storage to this tool or click any of the 3D assets in your project that are available for processing at the bottom of the screen.

Deleting a 3D Model

You can remove a 3D asset from the scene by clicking on it and pressing the Delete button on your keyboard.

Transforming 3D Models

You can use the tool bar on the left side of the tool to move, scale, and rotate the 3D models that have been imported into the scene.

Adding Basic Shapes and Light Sources

You can add basic shapes and light sources to the scenes by clicking Add in the menu on the top part of the tool.

Exporting a 3D Scene

You can export a scene as a 3D model by clicking File > Export File to save it to local storage or File > Export to Console to upload the scene as a new model in the console.

A message will appear once you start exporting the scene.

A message will appear once the export process has been completed and you will need to reload the project or refresh the console to view the new model on the Content page.

A new 3D model that includes all the 3D models in the scenes will appear on the Content page.

Merging 3D Models

You can import multiple 3D models to this tool and merge them together into a single 3D model by exporting the scene to the console.

Generating a 2D Snapshot

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