Model Editor Page

Learn how to use the view & edit page.
On this page, you can view 3D models, edit their textures, color, lighting settings, and other attributes, add annotations, and export them to your project.
The View & Edit page is only available in the Premium and Custom plans.

Importing or Exporting a 3D Model

You can simply drag-and-drop a file from local storage to this tool or click any of the 3D assets in your project that are available for processing at the bottom of the screen.
You can also click the Import button to import a model to this tool:
You can export the result by clicking any of the Export buttons:
  • Export to Console adds the model to your project as a new entry.
  • Apply to Entry overrides the current entry with this new version of the model.
  • Download Model downloads the model to local storage.

Setting Lighting, Animations, and Annotations

This section allows you to set the lighting affecting the model, change its shadow, and add an HDR image to set the background.
You can review animations and set annotations on the model.

Changing Materials and Colors

This section allows you to set the 3D model's materials, textures, color, metallic roughness, normal maps, and more.

Inspecting as Raw Data

This section allows you to view and inspect the 3D models in raw JSON format.

Generating a 2D Snapshot

You can click the Camera icon on the bottom right corner of the tool to save a 2D image thumbnail of the current view of the model.
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