Locations Page

Learn how to use the locations page.

Content Locations

This page allows you to see and analyze the distribution of all assets paired with a location target.

You can hover over the colorful dots to see which asset is set where. e.g, a 3D model asset called ArcticFox_Posted.obj is set to New York.

Our CDN solution will make sure 3D assets are automatically distributed to and delivered from servers closest to their locations.

Entry Usage

In this page you can see usage metrics around the most used locations and from which locations your 3D assets are being accessed by country. e.g, clicking on the US shows 3D assets being used mostly in New York and a single time in Los Angeles.

You can click on the different countries to see the usage in those regions.

Server Coverage

Here you can view and set the servers delivering your 3D content to users. Only paid plans are able to set these options.

Reference the Entry Usage to understand which servers you should enable based on where your content is used.

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