Access Page

Learn how to use the asset access page.

This page is used to set asset access permissions for your project. A user or viewer with access to an asset can inspect, modify, update, delete and download that asset freely. This page is visible only to project administrators.

Asset Access permissions and the Access page are only available in the Pro plan.

Project Asset Permissions

Users and viewers shared on your project can access your assets according to this setting. For help setting access by asset as well as how to send requests, visit the Asset Permissions section of the Content Page.

Closed: Default setting for new projects. Users and viewers cannot access any assets without an approved request by an admin.

Users Only: Users can access any project asset. Viewers cannot access assets without an approved request by an admin.

Open: Any viewer or user shared on your project can access project assets.

Managing Access Requests

For Closed or Users Only projects, users and viewers can request access to individual assets. Their requests will appear in this table.

  • The Active tab will display all current active access requests. Each request represents access to a particular asset that was granted to a user. Project admins can revoke any active request to again disable access.

  • The Requests tab will display all requests that are pending or have been rejected by an admin. Pending requests can be accepted or rejected. Project admins can optionally include a note when rejecting a request which can be read by the requesting user:

Rejected requests will remain in the Requests tab and can be approved later if desired.

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